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Our services range from record retrieval, basic family research, detailed family research reports, consultancy services, talks, seminars and workshops.

Despite a growing number of Irish databases going online and some wonderful free sources which lead people to thinking they can research without assistance of an expert genealogist, there is more to researching your family than obtaining records or certificates. What do you do then? An expert genealogist can analyse the data and explain discrepencies or factors that might have led to the absence of records. Some parish registers can be difficult to decipher if you are not familiar with Irish names or placenames but an Irish researcher like Noreen of Hibernia Roots will be ideally placed to interpret (most!) handwriting.

If you are not sure where exactly your ancestors lived, don't worry, we will do our best to find them for you using our tools, knowledge and years of experience in genealogy. We've helped clients at all stages of their Irish ancestral research from absolute beginners, those too busy to find the time to concentrate on researching, and those who have hit the 'brick wall'. More and more people are using family research as a gift for a special occassion such as a wedding anniversary or special birthday. One of our popular packages, which includes a bound book, is a fantastic momento to share especially for those who prefer to read it at their leisure.  Each report is tailor made and personalised following consultation with you (e.g. using your family photos to be included or anecdotes).

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Do Your Homework

The first step before engaging our services is to accumulate all the information you have already. This could mean gathering photographs, identifying who was in the photograph and possible timeframe, or just listing names of family members back from yourself. Check with older members of the family if there are gaps in the names you have listed. You need to know where in Ireland your ancestors originated, ideally, the townland, town or county. If you have dates of birth or other important dates such as marriage or deaths these could mean the difference in speeding up our research and keeping your costs to a minimum.  If there are any family anecdotes, note them for further research and verification. Please be aware, sometimes stories grow with the telling, so what may have been believed as fact, may not be, when details are investigated. On the other hand, what might have sounded far-fetched, and considered the ramblings of  Auntie Bessie, may in fact be proven to be true!

When you think you have as much information as is available within the family, complete our assessment form and we will take it from there.


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About Us

Hibernia Roots Genealogy Services was established by Noreen Maher MGSI. Noreen is an experienced qualified Genealogist, and is a member of the Irish Genealogical Research Society, the Genealogical Society of Ireland, the Irish Family History Society and the Garda Historical Society (Irish Police). She holds a Diploma in Family History (Genealogy) and a Certificate in Oral History. She has written a number of articles in journals and magazines. As well as carrying out research, Noreen runs "Tracing your Irish Ancestors" courses and gives talks to groups and clubs.

Apart from researching her own family tree back to the early 1700's, (Noreen's roots are in Tipperary and Kilkenny and her husband's ancestors were from Carlow, Wicklow, Louth and Dublin) Noreen has carried out research for clients on family members who were involved in the Irish War of Independence, members of the Royal Irish Constabulary, WW1 British Army, involved in the Boer War after emigrating to New Zealand, and ancestors who emigrated to the United States, Canada and New Zealand. So, with her broad experience she is well-equipped to advise you and research on your behalf.There is a growing interest among those with Irish Ancestors in obtaining Irish Citizenship and Irish Passports and Noreen has seen an increase in demand for her service supporting those who need official certificates and searches to prove their entitlement to apply for Citizenship. She is happy to advise anyone interested in starting the process on the requirements of the Irish Government.

Complementing her involvement in genealogy, Noreen has a strong background in customer service, company formation and searches, all useful and transferable skills for genealogy research. She also started her working life in the Central Statistics Office in the Census and Mapping Division! Her future in Genealogy was 'mapped' out from the start!

We are an Irish business, Dublin based (where most of the National Repositories are located), which makes us ideal as we can source records quickly and save you time and money. We will search a variety of record sources from Birth/Marriage/Death records; Census records; Land and Property records ( e.g.Griffiths Valuation, Registry of Deeds, Valuation Office record books); Trade Directories; Wills; Occupation records; and Emigration/Passenger lists; to name the more commonly searched records.