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Our services range from record retrieval, basic family research, detailed family research reports, consultancy services, talks, seminars and workshops.

Despite a growing number of Irish databases going online and some wonderful free sources which lead people to thinking they can research without assistance of an expert genealogist, there is more to researching your family than obtaining records or certificates. What do you do then? An expert genealogist can analyse the data and explain discrepencies or factors that might have led to the absence of records. Some parish registers can be difficult to decipher if you are not familiar with Irish names or placenames but an Irish researcher like Noreen of Hibernia Roots will be ideally placed to interpret (most!) handwriting.

If you are not sure where exactly your ancestors lived, don't worry, we will do our best to find them for you using our tools, knowledge and years of experience in genealogy. We've helped clients at all stages of their Irish ancestral research from absolute beginners, those too busy to find the time to concentrate on researching, and those who have hit the 'brick wall'. More and more people are using family research as a gift for a special occassion such as a wedding anniversary or special birthday. One of our popular packages, which includes a bound book, is a fantastic momento to share especially for those who prefer to read it at their leisure.  Each report is tailor made and personalised following consultation with you (e.g. using your family photos to be included or anecdotes).

For Consultancy Services and Workshops tailor-made to your requirements contact me

Do Your Homework

The first step before engaging our services is to accumulate all the information you have already. This could mean gathering photographs, identifying who was in the photograph and possible timeframe, or just listing names of family members back from yourself. Check with older members of the family if there are gaps in the names you have listed. You need to know where in Ireland your ancestors originated, ideally, the townland, town or county. If you have dates of birth or other important dates such as marriage or deaths these could mean the difference in speeding up our research and keeping your costs to a minimum.  If there are any family anecdotes, note them for further research and verification. Please be aware, sometimes stories grow with the telling, so what may have been believed as fact, may not be, when details are investigated. On the other hand, what might have sounded far-fetched, and considered the ramblings of  Auntie Bessie, may in fact be proven to be true!

When you think you have as much information as is available within the family, complete our assessment form and we will take it from there.


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Client feedback:

'I just returned from Ireland where I met my cousins Michael and Richard, thanks to your help. We had a few lovely days and we got to exchange family stories.I visited the grave of my Great Uncle Ned and cousin Paddy whom I met on my first trip to Ireland in 1981. Also the graves of their parents and Great Grandfather, in Glendalough'. William K

'I received the book this afternoon, Very excited. Thank you for your diligence in continueing to look for more references and accurate connections to our family.For every clue you uncovered it only spawned a greater interest and a desire to learn and know more. I was happy with the results and it was very interesting to read about the research you conducted'. Brian S

'Noreen was incredibly professional to deal with and utterly skilled in the final report. Overall it was an incredibly interesting journey, one that could not have been done without Noreen's qualifications and skills in both project managment and ancestry research. As a family we are thrilled with the final report on our family story and I am forever grateful to Noreen for all her hard work and dedication'. Ruth R

'Noreen was an invaluable resource in my recent search for documentation for my grandfather Joseph Meers of Ballina Co. Mayo. she was able to research locally in Dublin while I dug up documents Stateside (U.S.). Great 'detective' work, there! '- Tim Baskerville, California.

'I had a few interactions with Noreen and appreciate her so very much. I hope to meet her next year..'.- Joan Austin-Kaneshiro

'Thank you for your work on our tree' - R Kelly


Crocanoir Tracing Your Ancestors workshop, Tipperary 13th April 2013 - what paticipants had to say:

'I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the relaxed way to approach such a complex subject' MB

'Found it very useful and I'm now ready to finally tackle the family tree' NMoroney

'Very thorough, excellent. Really enjoyed the day. I'm rearing to go.Noreen made it possible for me to trace my own family tree, I learned more in a few hours with you Noreen than I've picked up over the years.. I appreciated the way you walked the class through different research tools and places... I can't say enough great things about your workshop and if you ever do a follow up, count me in for that are a fantastic resource to be linked in with... FH

' I just realised how little I knew about the subject.Crocanoir was an ideal location for the course' BK

'..excellent presentation. Far better than I had expected. I have learned so much today and it has enthused me even more' Margaret

'I'd love to attend a follow-up course' Monika


Tracing Your Irish Ancestors - 10 week evening course, Dublin 15 (Jan-Apr 2013) -

'Excellent course! Great tutor, very informative' BH

'Noreen knew her stuff and was a great help in guiding me on how to start and where to go' KMcG

'Addictive course. Each week's topic was interesting & I went home eager to get more work done on my family research' CMcC

'Eexcellent delivery and so much information shared' A Plunkett


Facebook recommendation from The Irish Way page:

'Here on the Irish Way page , anytime anyone looks for a genealogist I always recommend Noreen at Hibernia Roots for a few reasons... she won't rip you off, she loves what she does, she knows what she's doing. I've done one of her workshops and I found  it very helpful. I had time to chat to her and I find her to be an honest person, if she can't find anything she'll let you know'.